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Ellyn Hae

B.A., Environmental Sciences, University of California, Berkeley, 1985
Film, 60 Units, University of California, San Diego and University of California, Berkeley

Ellyn Hae, President of Recycling By Nature, is experienced in technical environmental management analysis, public relations, and contract negotiation. She has expertise in the development and implementation of waste management strategies for municipal and commercial entities; and is skilled in staff and program development. Operating Recycling By Nature since 1990 she has managed more than 200 waste audits and recycling program implementation projects for public and private agencies.

Previous Waste Management Experience:

Recycling Program Manager, Waste Management Department, City of San Diego, CA. Ellyn managed the City's recycling program by implementation of the City of San Diego's Recycling and Waste Reduction Plan with a goal of recycling 25 percent of the City's waste by 1992. Included management, coordination and implementation of over 45 recycling projects; budget preparation, and supervision of six recycling specialists. Working for the City of San Diego, Ellyn implemented a wide range of projects including the following:

• Yard Waste Grinding Program
• Residential Yard Waste Collection Program
• Residential Curbside Recycling Program
• Blockleader Program
• Pilot Downtown Dual Container Collection Program
• Pilot Neighborhood Zoned Collection Program
• Pilot Multi family Collection Program
• City Office Paper/Beverage Container Recycling Program
• Space Allocation Ordinance
• Procurement Ordinance
• Waste Composition and Commodity Specific Observational Studies
• Christmas Tree Collection Program
• Telephone Book Recycling Program
• Buy back/Drop off Center
• Construction Woodwaste Grinding Program
• Numerous Public Education Programs

1986-1987 Project Manager, Recovery Sciences, Inc., San Diego, CA. Ellyn developed recycling strategies under contract to municipal and private clients. Other duties included management of commercial and municipal waste characterization studies; analysis, research and brokering of secondary materials and implemented comprehensive in-house recycling programs for commercial clients. Projects managed for Recovery Sciences include the following:

• City of Berkeley Waste Characterization Study
• City of San Diego Resource Recovery Plan
• City of San Diego Waste Characterization Study
• City of San Jose Commercial and Industrial Recycling Implementation Plan
• County of San Diego Waste Characterization
• Numerous waste audits for private clients

1985 Environmental Manager, Recycling Referral Service, San Diego, CA. Ellyn executed the volume reduction and public information contract for the County of San Diego. Included daily communication with the public, secondary materials markets, media and local governmental agencies.


President, California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA), 1994
Legislative & Policy Chair, CRRA, 1992-1993
Volunteer Consultant, Solana Recyclers, Inc.
Subcommittee Chair, NRC Steering Committee 1990 Conference
Fundraising Chair, CRRA Steering Committee 1988 Conference
Member, SANDAG Technical Regional Recycling Strategy Advisory Committee, 1987-1990
Advanced Instructor, Professional Association of Diving Instructors


San Diego/San Bernardino School District Conservation Club Educational Materials, 2000-2004
It’s Not Just Carbonation Anymore (how to quantify beverage containers at your place of work), 2001
All Papers are Not Created Equal, 1993
Los Angeles Baler Guide, 1992
The Next Step for Recycling, Business Ethics Review, March/April 1992
A Guide to Recycling in San Diego County, 1986
Numerous News Releases, Brochures, Articles, and Public Service Announcements