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Aspen Skiing Company
• California Integrated Waste Management Board
• City of Atascadero
• City of Encinitis
• City Of Hayward
• City Of Los Angeles
• City Of Oakland
• City of Olympia
• City of San Diego
• City of Scotts Valley
• City of Watsonville
• City/County Of San Francisco
• C
ommunity Recycling and Resource Recovery Inc.
• County Of Alameda
• County of Ri
• County of Sacramento
• County of San Diego
• County of Santa Cruz
• CR&R, Inc.
• De
partment of
• Keep California Beautiful
• Local Government Commission
• Los Angeles World Airports (LAX/ONT)
• Mashburn Sanitation
• Moscone Center, S.F. Convention Center
• Port of Los Angeles
• Riverside Unified School District
• San Diego Unified School District
• Solana Recyclers, Inc.
• Specialty Crushing
• United States Postal Service
• Wilmar Disposal
• Private Waste Audit Clients

Elmer Heap, Bill Dos Santos, Ellyn Hae, J. Naish, Donna Frye at the City of San Diego 2006 recycling awards ceremony