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Regenerative Studies
• Renewable Technology Identification, Integration and Implementation
• Curriculum Development
• “Green Building”
• Organic Agriculture

Wastestream Analysis
• Waste Characterization Studies
• Building Material Quantity and Composition Extrapolation
• Targeted Sampling Studies

Market Research, Assessment and Development 
• Generator Materials Marketing Plans
• Region-wide Analyses
• Recycling Market Development Zone Implementation
• New market identification and development

Commercial and Industrial Recovery Program Implementation
• Institutional Barrier Identification and Problem-Solving
• Generator Specific Reuse, Recycling and Composting Options Identification
• Comprehensive Program Development
• Equipment Specification
• On-site Implementation Assistance (Project Management)
• Monitoring Programs

Construction and Demolition Recycling Implementation
• Space Allocation Analysis
• Disaster Debris Response and Planning
• Materials and Equipment Specification Development
• Job-site Technical Assistance and Training
• Demonstration Projects

Technical Writing and Review
• Grants
• Collection and Marketing Agreements
• Materials Specification Sheets
• Training Manuals

Public Education Program Development and Outreach
• Case Studies
• Market Research and Surveying
• Brochures, New Releases and Articles
• Presentations/ Briefings
• Workshop Development

Municipal Framework Development
• Strategic Planning and Policy Development
• Disaster Debris Recovery Planning
• Construction and Demolition Planning
• Commercial and Industrial Material Recovery Planning
• Rate Studies
• General Integrated Waste Management Infrastructure Planning